Monthly Archives: May 2012

Decima Theme – Ten as One!

I was doing some thinking a few days ago, and this tune popped into my head, and so I adapted it into the theme tune for Decima, since it fitted perfectly what I wanted. I’ve uploaded it to Youtube, so you can all see it, too. Enjoy! Advertisements

Facebook page get!

Decima now has a Facebook page! On there, you’re likely to get smaller and shorter comments on details of progress, rather than larger updates on here. Like the page, and help promote the game!

I haven’t posted in a while, so here are some screenshots

I haven’t posted anything in a few days, so I’m going to post some screenshots. Not much progress. A couple of new enemies and such. I’ve mostly been sorting out the rendering to allow me to apply filters to the level, and to screenshot stuff with ease. This caused some…interesting issues, mostly relating to transparency […]

Concentrate your mind…

Just a small update from something that took me a couple of days. Now, enemies support LASERS! That’s right. Lasers. Look, there’s one! Lasers are similar to bullets, in that touching them will damage you, but they have other properties in that they tend to have larger and more awkward hitboxes. They also won’t disappear […]

Shields and enemy drops!

So, I said I’d post more today, and I am! I’ve been working on a couple of new features. First is a little graphical thing. If you paid attention in the video I posted in the first blog post, you may notice that I got hit by one of the bullets during it. It was […]

Lets start with a small update…

Okay, so I only set up this blog yesterday, and I want to get some content in here, so I’ll start just dropping in some notes about what I’m doing on this project. I don’t have very much time this morning, before my university lectures start, so it’ll just be a quick one. Today I’ve […]

Development Blog Get!

Hello all you gamers out there! I’m Hoeloe, and I’m here to say welcome to the development blog for my project Decima: The Last Story of Vald! First, I’ll give you a bit of history of this project. Back in 2005, I made a flash game called “Space Raiders: The Lost City”. It was, to […]