Lets start with a small update…

Okay, so I only set up this blog yesterday, and I want to get some content in here, so I’ll start just dropping in some notes about what I’m doing on this project.

I don’t have very much time this morning, before my university lectures start, so it’ll just be a quick one.

Today I’ve been working on explosion animations! I had an animation ready to use already, but hadn’t applied it. This morning I added a list of my custom “Animation” class to the base level class, allowing me to add a new animation to that whenever. However, I ran into a problem that, in order to keep animations for objects that may have multiple different animations consistent, the drawing code for the Animation class required me to define the draw area at draw time. This meant that I can specify one drawing box and render several animations in there at different times. However, I couldn’t deal with the explosion list, since I didn’t have coordinates for these after the respective entity had “died”. My solution was to define an draw box in the Animation class, and allow myself to set it manually, and to draw to that box if I so wish.

Explosions are now working like a charm! I’ll probably have another post up later today with some more progress. Stay tuned!


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