Shields and enemy drops!

So, I said I’d post more today, and I am!

I’ve been working on a couple of new features. First is a little graphical thing. If you paid attention in the video I posted in the first blog post, you may notice that I got hit by one of the bullets during it. It was hard to tell because nothing really happened. Now, however, this happens:


A shield appears around you, to show that the bullet was deflected. The translucency of this shield depends on how much you’ve been hit, so if your shields are nearly depleted, it will barely be visible.

Another thing I’ve done today is to sort out enemy drops, as you can see here:


The green one is a shield regen, and the red ones are small score drops. Enemies can have 3 types of drops. There are those that appear all the time, those that appear with a defined probability (e.g. half the time) and those that are linked together, so that the enemy will drop a random one of them when it dies. In the above image, the small score drops were dropped all the time, and the shield drop was picked randomly between it and a larger score drop.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more! 


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