Apologies for so much inactivity.

Basically, this is a post apologising for not having updated much over the past few weeks. I was planning to get back into this after my exam season was over, but I’ve found myself inclined to take a break and relax for a bit. I’ve worked on this sparingly, and haven’t made much progress. I decided today to put a decent chunk of time into it, and I’ve started working on the story mode character select!


(Characters blurred out because they all have incomplete artwork. Also spoilers).

You can probably make out that you don’t have a single “character” selection for Story Mode. Instead, you select a group of 3 characters and follow their story through the game. Levels can be played by any of the 3 characters (which one will be determined by the level), and in multi-player mode, player 2 will play as another member of the team of 3.

You may also have noticed the two blacked out shapes with locks over them. These are, obviously, unlockable stories. How will you unlock them? Well, you’ll have to find out for yourself!

Please note that the above screenshot is not finished by any means. I’ll be adding a background and more details to it in future. At the moment, it just consists of the wheel.


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