Welcome to the world of Decima: The Last Story of Vald

Okay. First, I apologise for not posting anything in a week. One of the developers was away on holiday last week, with no way to contact him, so progress was considerably slowed on those fronts that require discussion.

On the other hand, some matters have already been through the discussion phase and are just ready and waiting to be built! One of these is various aspects of the Story Mode. Over the past few days, I have been building a level select for Story Mode. It’s not quite what you might first think of when you hear “level select”, but I promise you’ll like it.

On another note, I’ve also put together a map of the “world” of Decima, which I’m going to show you now. When designing planets, I decided to pick a theme, and build a planet around it. Some of the themes used were “desert”, “forest”, “ocean”, “ice” and “city”. See if you can spot which is which!

Anywhere, here it is: The map of Decima!



Clearly this map is not intended to be to scale. The distances involved are far greater, and each planet exists in a separate solar system (with the exception of Helios and the small planets nearby). The planets are in scale with each other, though. For a scale reference, Arethusa and Helios are roughly the size of Earth.


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