Some fun updates and screenshots!

Again I must apologise for being slow to update. At the moment, all the work I’ve been doing on the project has been little things that are barely worth mentioning, so I haven’t. I’ve saved this up for a larger update with a couple of screenshots to demonstrate some of the more fun things I’ve been working on.

Firstly, special attacks. If you were astute in all the snippets of information I’ve sent out, you should know that each character has 3 separate special attacks. These will all be very different and change from character to character. I’ve been designing some of these for the first character, that you’ve already seen. This is one of them:


This attack creates a black hole in the level. All bullets will be drawn towards it, and any enemies that enter it will take a lot of damage (it will kill pretty much any enemy that isn’t a boss). It doesn’t last long, though, so use it wisely. This character also has the ability to slow down time, but it’s difficult to show that via a screenshot, so you’ll have to wait to see a sample of that.

Next, we have characters. You’re probably sick to death of this one character over and over again, so here, have two more:

Their artwork is not yet finished, so I can’t show you that, but I can talk about how they play. First off, notice that one character shoots a laser. This has the benefit of being all the way across the screen at once, and can hit enemies that are behind others. A useful tool. Of course, there’s some balancing to be done, so that character has a low maximum shield strength and speed. The other character shoots 3 bullets in a sort of wave pattern. The bullets will have different graphics eventually, but I thought I’d show you these now. The centre bullet does more damage than the other two, but fires less regularly. On the whole, it’s hard to hit enemies with this character, but moving around is really fluid and easy.

You may also notice that there are two ships on screen at once. This is a teaser demonstration of the multiplayer capability of the game. At the moment, it only supports local play, but I am interested in making Xbox Live available, too. In the multiplayer, you play cooperatively, and compete for a higher score. Two players cannot play as the same character simultaneously. Multiplayer is also available in Story Mode, but, as with single player Story Mode, both characters will be selected depending on the level.

That’s it for now! I hope you’ve enjoyed this update! I look forward to when I can show you more of the actual game!


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