Big update!

Okay, so I haven’t updated as frequently as I used to, so I’ll give you something fairly big this time.

First things first, have a new character poster!


This, as you can see, is another of our female characters. You may notice that her ship doesn’t have a windscreen. This is because she connects herself up to the ship’s navigation systems, and views through that. The reason for this is because she is blind.

Now for some more updates. I’m going to show you some more special attacks. You’ve seen this ship in a previous screenshot, but not the character who flies it. I’m going to run through all 3 of the specials this ship has to offer. By the way, ignore the background graphic. I added it as a test so I could properly view some of the visual effects.


First off is this giant laser. This expands horizontally while you use it. It destroys bullets and deals serious damage to enemies. Only downside is that you move slower, so it’s harder to pick up anything the enemies might drop.



Next is this. This pulsates in towards you, destroying any bullets as it passes, and also dragging anything dropped by enemies. It has the benefit that you still have full movement while using it.

And last is this. It might not look like much, but this grey ball is incredibly useful. It is positioned wherever you are on the stage at the time you use the attack. Any bullets inside it at that time will be destroyed, and any bullets that touch it will be reflected. Reflected bullets can not longer harm you, but can damage enemies, so this is a very useful tool. Be warned, it will not block lasers.

And that’s about that for this setup! I’ll post more when I have more!



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