More specials!

I know I’m not doing a very good job of updating this, but progress is being made, I assure you. I’m about to head back to university, so things are getting a little hectic. I’ll show you a little teaser of the work I’ve been doing. Have some more special attacks! These are for the last character poster we showed:


First, we have this. A shockwave that pretty much destroys everything on the field. It’s a really fast attack, and useful if you’re in a pinch.


Next is this. This is a little more complex to use, so I’ll use multiple screenshots. First of all, when you use it, you get this. You have a short period of time in which you are invincible, and can absorb bullets instead of taking damage. Notice the little clock below the ship – this is your remaining time.

As you absorb more and more bullets, you glow brighter, and crackle with electricity, until your time runs out, when…


You unleash a powerful spray of bullets. The number of bullets and the power of each bullet is proportionate to how much you absorbed, so it’s all up to you! It’s quite an interesting thing to suddenly switch your playstyle and try to hit the bullets rather than dodge them.


Lastly is this. This is an absorbing effect. You will drain energy from the field. You will take a small amount of power from enemy ships, and add it to your own shields, as well as destroying bullets and adding their power to your score. this is useful if you have a lot of enemies on screen, and you really need just a bit of extra shield…

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more!


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