So what’s happening with this project?

We haven’t given any new information out for the last few months, and I guess I should probably tell you all the reason why. This game is being developed for the Xbox 360 using the XNA framework. The fact is that Microsoft’s support for the XNA framework is being dropped next year. This means that after that time, the chances of the project being released are 0. Add to that the fact that the next generation console is soon to be released, and you start to see our issue.
Here is the main problem: None of us are convinced that we can get this project finished and published by April next year, when support is dropped. If we continue this project, and end up with the final product just a little late, then all our work goes to waste. So we’ve decided to abandon Microsoft, at least for now. Decima will need to be re-programmed from scratch, that much is certain, and we now are stuck with no console to develop on. We have decided to put Decima to rest for now, though we fully intend to return to it when we are in a better position to do so.

Don’t worry, though. We’re not giving up entirely. We’re now working on a totally different project, which we’re hoping to release through Steam (though if we can’t for any reason, we can still release on the PC anyway). This project is very different to Decima, but hopefully will give us something to show when we try to revive it. I won’t give out much more information, but stay tuned!


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