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So what’s happening with this project?

We haven’t given any new information out for the last few months, and I guess I should probably tell you all the reason why. This game is being developed for the Xbox 360 using the XNA framework. The fact is that Microsoft’s support for the XNA framework is being dropped next year. This means that […]

Term over and optimisation!

So I haven’t posted in quite a while. Why? Because I’ve been at university, and I’ve been a LOT busier than last year. I’ve only found really small snippets of time to work on this. Now however, the first term is over, and while I still have a lot of work to do, I may […]

More specials!

I know I’m not doing a very good job of updating this, but progress is being made, I assure you. I’m about to head back to university, so things are getting a little hectic. I’ll show you a little teaser of the work I’ve been doing. Have some more special attacks! These are for the […]

Big update!

Okay, so I haven’t updated as frequently as I used to, so I’ll give you something fairly big this time. First things first, have a new character poster!   This, as you can see, is another of our female characters. You may notice that her ship doesn’t have a windscreen. This is because she connects […]

Character Poster 2!

Work on Decima has been slow recently. I’ve had a lot of other things to do, and at the moment there’s a portion of very tedious work to do before I can get onto designing levels and getting some actual gameplay in there. However, it is happening, slowly but surely… What has happened is that […]

Some fun updates and screenshots!

Again I must apologise for being slow to update. At the moment, all the work I’ve been doing on the project has been little things that are barely worth mentioning, so I haven’t. I’ve saved this up for a larger update with a couple of screenshots to demonstrate some of the more fun things I’ve […]

Welcome to the world of Decima: The Last Story of Vald

Okay. First, I apologise for not posting anything in a week. One of the developers was away on holiday last week, with no way to contact him, so progress was considerably slowed on those fronts that require discussion. On the other hand, some matters have already been through the discussion phase and are just ready […]